Magnifying lamps

Lamp Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The meaning of DIOPTRE.

This refers to the Magnification or enlargement supported by the lens on the lamp.
A value of 3 = 1.75x. 5 = 2.25x. 8 = 3.0x. 12 = 4.0x.

What does LED stand for?

Light Emitting Diodes (LED Lights) produce state of the art white Light.
They can last about 20,000 hours if used properly.
Do not produce heat.
Made using unbreakable Glass.
They are resistant to temperature extremes and vibration.
Do not flicker like Fluorescent Bulbs.

What does 6400K mean on a Bulb?

K represents kelvin. It indicates the colour of the Light that the Bulb will emit.

What do the letters PL mean on the bottom of a Bulb?

These letters represent the name of the original manufacturer of this Bulb type - Phillips Lighting. These Bulbs use external ballasts (or circuits).

Cleaning instructions.

The cleaning of the lens should be done using a non abrasive cloth, with a mild soap and water solution.

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