Magnifying lamps Australia
Suitable for use for beauty, in electronics, stamp and coin collecting, model makers,
embroiderers, jewellers, medical, clinics, low vision, eye sight impaired, etc.

Fluorescent and LED magnifying lamps
for tables or on stands

Desktop Lights
         #CAPG005      #CAPG005 - Magnifier with lamp.
Desk lamps with 3 dioptre, 10 cm lens plus 12 dioptre section.

$62.00 BUY
         #Desk magnifier lamp      #CAPG070 - Magnifier with lamp.
Magnifier desk lamps with 5 dioptre 12.5 cm glass lens. Has a heavy base and can be easily flat packed for transport (if required).

$169.00 BUY
Sorry item currently out of stock.

Lamps with Magnifier (table light or wall lamps)

#CAPG008B - Black magnifying lens with lights for beauty.
- 5 dioptre round lens - 12.5 cm, table bracket, black (1 ea)
$129.00 BUY
         #CAPG006      #CAPG006B - Light with magnifier.
- These black lamps have a round 5 dioptre 12.5 cm lens with a flexible arm. Customised table bracket also included.

$109.00 BUY
Sorry item currently out of stock.
         #CAPG012      #CAPG012W - Magnifier with light.
- 5 dioptre rectangle lens - 12.5 cm, table bracket, white (1 ea).

$199.00 BUY

Magnifier with LED Light
         #CAPG005 Magnifier      #CAPG005LED Magnifier
- LED magnifier desk lamps with 60 LED lights and 3 dioptre lens plus 12 dioptre section.

$89.00 BUY
         LED magnifier      #CAPG090 - LED magnifier with lamp
60 LEDs, 12.5 cm round 5 dioptre lens, table bracket, white (1 ea).
Increasingly purchased by beauty salons.

$185.00 BUY
         #CAPG040     #CAPG040 -

Lamps with LED magnifier.
    Magnifier lens

with 108 LED lights.
    $235.00 BUY

Models With Stronger Light Sources
         #CAPG010      #

CAPG010 - Magnifier glass with lamp.

- These lamps have a rectangle 5 dioptre glass lens with a 28 watt light. Also included is a small detachable 12 dioptre additional inspection lens.

$245.00 BUY

Magnifying Floor Lights On Portable Pedestal
              #CAPG002w Magnifier with light.
- Round lens, pedestal, 5 dioptre, white (1 ea)
Best Selling Light With Magnifier On Stand To Beauty Salons.

$209.00 BUY

              #CAPG002b Magnifier with lamp.
- Round lens, pedestal, 5 dioptre, black (1 ea)
Sold Mainly To Beauty Related Salons.

$209.00 BUY
              #CAPG091 - LED magnifier
- 90 LED lights, 12.5cm lens, stand, 5 dioptre (1 ea).

$255.00 BUY
              #CAPG041 - LED magnifying lamps
- 108 LED lights with 5 dioptre rectangle lens on heavy duty 5 legged sturdy pedestal.
$319.00 BUY

              #CAPG004w - Magnifier with light.
- Magnifying lamps with stand, rectangle, white. (1 ea).
$295.00 BUY

Magnifier with light plus facial steamer

Features: Facial steamer with ozone and timer plus magnifying lens with lamp on sturdy 5 legged base.

Click for more details.

Spare parts
         #CAPG005L      #CAPG005L - Replacement bulb (12 watt), suits magnifier CAPG005 lamps.
$13.50 BUY
         #CAPG054      #CAPG054 - Replacement circular cool white bulb, 22 watt light.
$15.00 BUY
         #CAPG056      #CAPG056 - Replacement light (28 watt), suits magnifier CAPG010 lamps.
$25.00 BUY
         #CAPG053      #CAPG053 - Replacement bulb for CAPG003 ,4 and 12 lamps, (2 prong). (9 watt).
$15.50 BUY
         #CAPG053A      #CAPG053A - Replacement bulb (4 prong, 9 watt) for CAPG012 lamps.
$15.50 BUY
         #CAPG055      #CAPG055 - Replacement bulb. Fits CAPG011 lamps. (13 watt)
$17.50 BUY
         #CAPG050W      #CAPG050W - Wall bracket, white (1 ea).
$21.50 BUY
         #CAPG050B      #CAPG050B - Wall bracket, black (1 ea).
$21.50 BUY
         #CAPG051W      #CAPG051W- Large white table bracket (1 ea) .
$28.00 BUY
         #CAPG051B      #CAPG051B- Large black table bracket (1 ea) .
$28.00 BUY
         #CAPG052W      #CAPG052W- Small white table bracket (1 ea) .
$17.00 BUY
              #CAPG052B- Small black table bracket (1 ea) .
$17.00 BUY
              #CAPG057W - Table bracket, white (1 ea).
$20.00 BUY
              #CAPG057B - Black table bracket.
$20.00 BUY
              #CAPG031W - 4 legged white floor stand suits light weight lamps.
$99.00 BUY
              #CAPG031B - 4 legged black floor stand for light weight lamps.
$99.00 BUY
              #CAPG030W - 5 legged white floor stand for heavier lamps.
$119.00 BUY
              #CAPG030B - 5 legged black floor stand for heavier lamps.
$119.00 BUY
               #CAPG001WL - Round glass magnifier lens.
$55.00 BUY
               #CAPG003WL - Rectangle glass magnifier lens.
$55.00 BUY

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