Magnifiers Lights

Suits for use as Magnified Lights, in Electronics, Stamp and Coin Collecting, Model Makers,
Embroiderers, Jewellers, Medical, Clinics, Craft, Hobbies, Low Vision, Eye Sight Impaired.

Black Magnifying Floor Lamp on Stand

Price: $229.00 incl GST BUY
White Magnifying Lamp on Stand
12.5 cm round Glass Magnifying Lens.
Enlargement is 5 dioptre (2.2 times).
Lighting from 22 watt round Fluorescent Light Globe.
Hinged lens cover.
Coloured black.
Heavy 5 legged pedestal base.
Popular Mag Lamp with Beauty Salons.
12 months Warranty

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Floor lamps
CAPG009W Beauty Floor Lamps.
Magnifier uses a Fluorescent Lamp and sits on a sturdy 5 legged base.
The Glass Magnifying Lens has a strength of 2.25 times.
This Magnifying Lamp sits on a mobile heavy duty base on wheels.
When outstretched the metal arm length extends to 123 cm.
This Floor Lamp is a long time favourite of Beauty Salons.
Total weight for this Magnifier is 17 kg.

CAPG004W White Floor Lamps with large Lens.
Magnifier with 2 x 9 watt (equal to 45 watt) compact Fluorescent bulbs.
The rectangular shaped Glass Lens has a diameter of 125 mm
with a 5 dioptre Magnifying strength (2.25 times).
5 legged pedestal on wheels is heavy duty to support this larger Magnifier.
Arm can reach its maximum length in any position without losing balance.
Fully outstretched arm length is 123 cm.

CAPG005 Portable Magnifying Lamps with Fluorescent Light.
This Compact model can be stored away when not in use as it can be
folded up and takes up very little space
This Desk Magnifier Lamp uses a 3 and 5 dioptre Magnifying Glass Lens.
The Magnifying Desk Lamp can be collapsed into a small bundle
making this Magnifying Lamp easily Portable for convenient travelling.
This Lamp uses a 12 watt Fluorescent Globe and weighs less than 2 kg.

LED Light
CAPG005LED Portable LED Magnifier Lamp.
Magnifying Lamp with LED Light suits best where space is limited.
The LED Light comes in the form of 60 Light diodes and
the Magnifying Glass Lens is a 1.75 times Magnifier.
The Lens of the Lamp has a small circular additional Magnifying inset section
that is a 4 times Magnifier.
Weight is less than 2 kg.

CAPG025 Black Goose Neck Magnifying Lamp with LED.
This is a flexable Black goose neck version of a Magnifier Lamp.
Magnification is rated at 3 dioptre (1.75 times).
Light consists of 40 LED Light diodes.
It has a bracket handle on the head of the Lamp to ease adjustment.
LED life can last up to 20,000 hours.
CAPG008W Lights with Magnified Lens. Purchased by

Beauty Salons

in Australia.
LED Magnified Lights
CAPG190 Magnified Lights using LED Lighting.
CAPG191 Magnification Floor Lamps with Lighting via LED.
This LED Magnifying Floor Lamp is popular by those doing
Eye Lash Extensions.

Spare parts.

CAPG003WL Rectangle Glass Magnifier Lens.
CAPG052B Black Desk Bracket.

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