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Can be used to secure a Light with Magnifier to a Bench or trolley and used in areas such as electronics, stamp and coin collecting, model makers, embroiderers, jewellers, medical, clinics, low vision, eye sight impaired, etc.

Clamp On Magnifying Lamp

- White standard Table Bracket. (#CAPG052W).
Price: $17.00 incl GST BUY
Magnifier clamp that Magnifying Lamp sits on
Black Clamp also available. The


is made of die cast zinc and enables the Magnifier with Lamp swivel through a space covering 360 degrees.

Magnifier Desk Clamp

used to attach to a Table or Bench providing a mounting option to any flexible arm based Magnifier with a post hole measuring half an inch (1.25 cm) in diameter and up to 2 inches (5 cm) in length.
The mouth of this


supports a maximum width of 2.5 inches (or 6.3 cm).
Clamp weight is 0.30 kg
, minimum length (fully closed) is 4 inches (10 cm), maximum length (fully open) is 6.5 inches (15.3 cm) and is finished in white.

Selection of similar / related items to choose from.

CAPG005 Portable desktop magnifying light, clamp not required with this magnifier lamp

CAPG005 This Magnifying Desk Lamp is both compact and Portable. Light Bulb included Magnifier

. The 3 dioptre (1.75 times) lens has a 12 dioptre (4 times) section.
CAPG005 Portable desk LED magnifier with 60 LED lights, clamp not required

CAPG005 LED Magnifying Lamp using 60 LED Light diodes with a

4 inch (12 cm) Glass 5 dioptre (2.25x) Lens plus a 12 dioptre (4x) spot that provides even further amplified Magnification. The larger than average inclusion of 60 LED diodes provides a strong brilliant source.
CAPG006B Table magnifying lamp with magnifying lens and magnifier clamp

CAPG006B Magnifying Desk Lamp with 5 dioptre Magnifying lens

. Also suits Floor Stand or Wall Bracket. Has a flexible arm that can me moved into almost any position. Fitted with 22 watt Fluorescent globe. Also includes a fixing Table Bracket to hold the

Lamp with Magnifying Lens

CAPG040 Desk magnifier with LED lights with up to 8000 hours LED life plus clamp

CAPG040 Desk Mounted Magnifying LED Lamp with Magnifier Lens and Clamp.

It can be fixed to a Desk, Table or Floor pedestal. The Glass Magnifier lens has a large viewing area measuring 7.4 x 6.1 inches. It is rated at 5 dioptre (2.25x). An additional small clip in lens rated at 12 dioptre (4x) is optionally available should an increased enlargement is sought. The Light source surrounds the lens using 108 LEDs.
CAPG070 Magnifying desk lamp using fluorescent light and magnifying lens

CAPG070 Table Lamp with Magnifying Lens. Comes with Fluorescent Globe

(22 watt). The Magnification of the Glass lens 2.25 times.
CAPG090 Desk LED magnifying lamp with 2.25 times magnifier and clamp

CAPG090 Desk LED Lamp with Magnifying Lens and Clamp. Light source with this Lamp Magnifier is 90 LED Light diodes which provides bright shadow free Lighting. Standard Desk Clamp included. The Clamp

support holds it firmly in place when fixed to a Bench or Trolley. Has a weight of x kg and requires no assembly. Magnification is 5 dioptre (2.25X) enabling close inspection activity. Lens material is made from Glass and its diameter is 12.5 cm. Chord length is x mm. With a maximum reach of x mm, the flexible arm to be positioned to almost any position. Suits Beauty and Health, Hobbies, Craft or wherever Lighting with Magnification is required.

CAPG091 Magnifying LED Light with magnifying lens plus clamp

CAPG091 LED Magnifying Floor Lamp plus Clamp. The Light with this LED Maggy Lamp uses 90 LED diodes while the Magnifying Lens has a 5 dioptre Magnifier. Standard Desk Clamp included

. The 90 bright long life LEDs encircle the lens to deliver true natural colour that is shadow free. The arm mechanism allows the user to precisely and effortlessly move this Lamp with Magnifying Lens to any required position.

Spare parts.

CAPG001WL Round glass lens
CAPG001WL Round Glass Lens used by Magnified Light (5 dioptre). Measurement of diameter is 5 in (12.7cm).
CAPG005L 12 Watt Lamp suits magnifier
CAPG005L Light Bulb 14 cm in diameter and 12 watt.
CAPG030W White magnifying floor lamp stand
CAPG030W Stand (white) suits heavier Floor Magnifier with 5 wheels. Has a height of x cm while the diameter of the base is z cm.
CAPG057B black magnifying table lamp bracket or insert. Alternative to clamp.
CAPG057B Magnifier Lamp fixture to Table. The diameter of the base is 6.7 cm.
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Magnifying Lamp range

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