Lights with magnifiers
These can be an advantage to people who are eye sight impaired or have low vision.
Also helpful to those in electronics, coin and stamp collecting, jewellers, embroiderers, jewellers, medical or clinics.

Desktop Magnifying Lamp with Fluorescent Light

Price: $169.00 incl GST BUY
Apologies this model is no longer in stock.
Features: Round 12.5 cm Glass lens.
2.25 times Magnification (5 dioptre).
Fluorescent round 22 watt globe.
Adjustable height.
Solid Table base.
Bracket handle to ease adjustment of Lamp.
Available only in white.
On - Off switch.
Power specs - 240 volts, 22 watt, 50 Hz.
Supported by a 12 month warranty.

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Spare parts.

CAPG001WL Replacement Lens (round).
CAPG003WL Replacement rectangle Lens.
CAPG030B Black Pedestal.
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CAPG031W White Pedestal.
CAPG057W White permanently fixed Bracket.
CAPG057B Black permanently fixed Bracket.
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