Can be used for Magnification, in electronics, stamp and coin collecting, model makers,
embroiderers, jewellers, medical, clinics, lessened vision, eye sight impaired.

Modern Magnifiers as Floor Lamps with 108 Lights

Price: $255.00 incl GST BUY

Features: Contemporary slim and smart appearance.
5 inch round Glass lens.
Magnification is 2.2 times or 5 dioptre.
Lighting comes in the form of 90 LEDs.
Output from Lamp is 540 lumens.
Removable lens cover with hinge.
Only available in white.
Pedestal base with 4 legs on wheels.
Power supply is 240 volts.
Warranty cover is 1 year.
This Mag Lamp is often chosen by Beauty Salons.
Base comes disassembled..

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CAPG009W Floor Magnifier Lamp on sturdy Stand. Fully outstretched arm length is approximately 1.2 metres.
CAPG002B Black model on mobile Stand with 22 watt Light. Fitted with a 5 dioptre Glass Lens.
CAPG004W Floor Magnifier Lamp. Fully outstretched arm length is approximately 1.22 metres.
CAPG005 Table Lamps
CAPG005 Portable white Table Lamps. Fitted with 12 watt Bulb and Glass Lens. These Lights are ideal where space is limited.
CAPG006B Lights
CAPG006B Bench Light with Clamp - Black gooseneck model with 5 dioptre Lens and 22 watt Fluorescent Bulb.
CAPG008B Lights
CAPG008B Magnification lens with Lighting - Suitable for use as a Table Lamp as well as being mounted on a Wall or mobile Stand.
CAPG008W Lights
CAPG008W Magnification lens with Light - Suitable for use as a Table Lamp.
CAPG010 Magnifiers with Light
CAPG010 Table Lamps with bright 28 watt Lighting. Has a built in 5 dioptre (2.25 times) lens plus a removable additional small 12 dioptre (4 times) lens.
CAPG012W with two 9 watt Lights - one on opposite sides of the lens.
CAPG070 Professional Desk Lamp - adjust to any position. This Magnifier has a heavy base for stability, round 5 dioptre Glass Lens and 22 watt Fluorescent Bulb - A great Table based model.
CAPG090 Table Lamps with 90 LED Lights and round 5 dioptre Glass Lens plus removable cover. Fully outstretched arm length is approximately 1.2 metres. Can also be mounted on a wall or mobile stand. Since its introduction its been our best selling LED Light.

Spare parts.

CAPG001WL Replacement round lens with 5 dioptre Magnification.
CAPG003WL Replacement rectangle lens with 5 dioptre Magnification.
CAPG030B Floor Stand.
CAPG030W Sturdy white mobile Stand with 5 legs.
CAPG031B Black mobile Stand for Floor Lamp.
CAPG031W White mobile Stand for Floor Lamp.
CAPG057W White Bench mount for Table Lamp.
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* Clamp fixed, Bench top and Pedestal Light models available.
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