Mag Lamps
Suitable for use as Magnifiers for Beauty, in electronics, stamp and coin collecting, model makers,
embroiderers, jewellers, medical, clinics, low vision, eye sight impaired, etc.
Delivery can be organised to anywhere in Australia.

Magnifiers with 5 and 12 dioptre Glass Lenses plus strong 28 watt Lighting (#CAPG010).
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Postage available within Australia at an additional charge.
Features: High quality rectangular Glass lens (18.75 x 15.5 cm).
Magnifying strength is 5 dioptre (2.25 times).
Additional detachable 12 dioptre (4 times) small Lens.
28 watt energy saving Fluorescent Light Globe.
Extendable arm.
Includes Table Clamp.
Hinged Lens cover.
On / Off switch.
Only available in white.
Can also be fitted to a portable Floor Stand (Pedestal).
Suits medical clinic.
Power rating - 240 volts, 50 Hz.
12 months warranty.

Magnifiers, Lamps and Lights.


CAPG009W Magnifying Lamps.

These Magnifiers have easily adjustable spring balanced arms and sit on a sturdy white mobile base

. Primarily used as a Beauty Mag Lamp.
CAPG002B Mag Lamps have easily adjustable spring balanced arms and fitted to a removable black heavy Floor Stand.
CAPG004W Lamp


on Floor Stand using Fluorescent Lights
powered by 2 x 9 watt Light Bulbs. This Magnifying Lamp with Stand has been purchased when a Large Glass Lens area is required such as for Knitting, Reading, Embroidering or other handy Craft.

CAPG005 Portable Magnifiers and Lamp

These Magnifying Desk Lamps come with a 12 watt Bulb and a 5 dioptre Glass Lens with a 12 dioptre section.
CAPG005 Magnifier and LED Lighting - LED Lights consist of 60 diodes. These Desktop LED Magnifying Lamps are easily Portable and fits in confined spaces.
CAPG006B Magnifying Lamps
CAPG006B Desktop Magnifier Lamp - 22 watt Bulb for Light. These Desk Lamps with a goose neck arm provide flexibility and includes a mounting fixture.
CAPG008B Magnifiers
CAPG008B Lamps and Magnifiers using 22 watt Bulbs for Lights. This Black model comes with a mounting device.
CAPG008W Magnifier
CAPG008W Lamps and Magnifiers using 22 watt Light. Mounting device for attaching to a ledge included for stable use. This Beauty ring Light has been a long standing favourite of Salon therapists.
CAPG012W Magnifiers using 2 x 9 watt Bulbs as Lights. Includes Large rectangle 5 dioptre Glass Lens. Purchased by many who suffer from macular degeneration and want to continue performing their hobby or interest.
CAPG040 Bench Lamps with LED Lights using 56 SMD LED Globes. These

LED Magnifiers

have a rectangle 5 dioptre Glass Lens with a 2.25 times Magnification.
CAPG070 Desk Magnifier and Light (using Fluorescent Magnifying Lamp). It provides a sturdy base to enable hands free Magnification. Includes a 5 dioptre Glass Lens and can be setup to be used in a variety of settings.
CAPG190 LED Magnifier Desk Lamp. LED Lights consist of 56 LED Globes circling the Glass Lens. These LED Desk Lamps have a horizontal arm reach of ? cm. Our best selling LED Magi Lamp.
CAPG191 LED Magnifier and Floor Stand. LED Lights consist of 56 LED Globes. These Lamps have been purchased mainly by eyelash Beauty consultants.

Spare parts for Lamps.

CAPG001WL Round Magnifying Glass with 5 dioptre Lens.
CAPG003WL Large replacement Glass Magnifying Lens.
CAPG050B Black Wall Brackets to enable

Magnifiers to be

hung from a wall.

LED Magnifying Lamps, spare parts and accessories delivered Australia wide.

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