Mag Lamps

These Lights are suitable for a variety of uses such as in Beauty, electronics, stamp and coin collecting, model makers,
embroidery, jewellers, medical clinics, low vision, eye sight impaired, etc.


Magnifying Lamps

on Stand (#CAPG009W).
Price: $229.00 incl GST BUY
Beauty magnifying lamp
Glass lens - round 12.5 cm.
2.2 times Magnification (5 dioptre).
Comes with round Fluorescent 22 watt Light Globe.
Protective cover over lens.
Coloured white.
Pedestal base is mobile - 5 legs on wheels.
Bracket handle for easy Lamp adjustment.
Warranty period of 12 months.
Mag Lamp regularly purchased by Beauty Salons.
Base comes flat packed.

Similar items to choose from.

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CAPG002B Black maggie on stand
CAPG002B - Black Beauty Mag Lamp on movable Floor Stand.
CAPG004W Mag Lamp
CAPG004W - Mag Lamps with Glass rectangular 5 dioptre Lens resting on a mobile heavy duty pedestal.
CAPG005 - Small and Light weight Magnifying Lamp with Fluorescent Bulb.
CAPG005 LED Magnifying Lamp
CAPG005LED - This Portable LED Magnifying Lamp has 60 LED diodes circling the Glass 3 dioptre Lens. The Magnifier Lens also has a small 12 dioptre Magnification section to enable closer examination when required.
CAPG006B Table Mag Lamp with Clamp
CAPG006B - Black Mag Lamp with flexible arm.
CAPG008W White Magnifying Lamp
CAPG008W - Beauty Mag Lamps. These Lamps have a 22 watt Bulb and come with a Table mounting Bracket. They are used extensively by Beauty technicians in facial treatments.
CAPG010 Magnifier
CAPG010 Magnifying Lamp with strong light source.
CAPG012W Magnifier with Light
CAPG012W - Magnifying Lamp with a Large viewing surface.
CAPG040 LED Magnifying Lamp
CAPG046 - This LED Magnifying Lamp consists of 108 diodes around the Glass Lens.
CAPG041 LED Magnifying Lamp with Stand
CAPG041 - Large LED Magnifier on Stand.
CAPG070 Magnifying Lamp
CAPG070 Desk Magnifying Lamp.
CAPG090 LED Mag Lamp
CAPG190 - This LED Magnifying Lamp consists of a Lamp with 90 diodes. Bought mainly by Beauty Salons doing eyelash extensions.
CAPG091 LED Magnifying Lamp with Stand
CAPG091 - LED Magnifying Lamp on Pedestal.

Spare parts.

CAPG030W White Stand
CAPG030W - Floor Stand for Mag Lamp (white).
CAPG031B Stand
CAPG031B - White Floor pedestal.
CAPG031W - White Floor pedestal.
CAPG050B - Wall mount for black Magnifiers.
CAPG050W - Wall mount for white Magnifiers.

Delivery of Magnifying Lamps or spare parts can be organised for anywhere Australia wide.
Payments accepted online with MasterCard, Visa using PayPal.
Bank transfer and cheque also accommodated.
Want more details than call us on (02) 6162 1950 or
send us an email.
Floor Standing, Desktop and Clamp models plus accessories available.
All Magnifiers and other Beauty Equipment can be inspected at the Canberra store.

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