Magnifying Lamps
Can be used by the Beauty profession, in electronic engineering, coin or stamp collecting, model builders,
embroiderers, jewellers, medical, clinics, those with weak vision or diminished eye sight. Delivered Australia wide.

Modern sleek low weight LED Magnifying Lamps
delivered throughout Australia

Price: $185.00 incl GST BUY
Magnifier Lamp
Features: Modern slender stylish looking LED Magnifying Lamps.
12.5 cm round Glass lens.
Magnifying rate is 5 dioptre (2.2 times).
56 SMD LED Globes.
Output is 540 lumens.
Hinged lens cover.
Includes Table Clamp.
Extendable arm.
On / Off switch.
Optional Wall Bracket @ $21.50.
Coloured white.
Power rating - 240 volts.
12 months warranty.
Weighs less than standard non LED Lamps.

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CAPG009W -

Magnifying Lamps

on Stand, Beauty Salon favourite in Australia that come with a 5 dioptre Glass Magnification Lens and sit on a 5 legged heavy duty Stand.
CAPG009B -

Black Magnifiers

using Fluorescent Lighting and sits on a 5 legged pedestal.
CAPG004W Magnifiers with Lights consisting 2 x 13 watt Fluorescent Light Bulbs.

Lamps with Magnifiers

with a Large Glass Lens and 5 legged pedestal.
CAPG005 - Small Portable Lamps with Magnifier. The Glass Lens on these Magnifiers can be positioned to suit, as both the neck and arm can be adjusted with these Desk


CAPG010 - Lamps with Magnifiers. Magnifier consists of a 5 dioptre rectangle Magnifying Glass Lens plus an additional small 12 dioptre attachment.
CAPG041 - Mag Lamp on Floor Stand and LED Lights.
The Lamp with these LED Magnifiers has 108 LED diode Lights. The LED Lights of these Magnifiers use far less power and the Magnifiers
have a Large rectangular Glass 5 dioptre Magnifying Lens. This unit can also be attached to an included Bench mount. Coloured White.

Spare parts.


CAPG001WL - Magnifier

Lens, made of Glass, round with a diameter of 2.5 cm and Magnification of 5 dioptre or 2.25 times.

CAPG003WL - Magnifier

Glass Lens, size - 17.75 x 15.5 cm, Magnification - 5 dioptre or 2.25 times.
CAPG030B - Black heavy duty Floor Stand with 5 legs.
CAPG030W - White heavy duty 5 legged Floor Stand.
CAPG031B - Floor Stand with 4 legs in Black.
CAPG031W - White Floor Stand with 4 legs.
CAPG050B - Black metal Wall Brackets.
CAPG050W - White metal Wall Brackets.
CAPG051B - Heavy duty Large Black Table Brackets for Bench Lamps.
CAPG051W - Large White Table Brackets (heavy duty) for Magnifying Desk Lamps.
CAPG052B - Black mount for Desk

Lamps as Magnifiers

CAPG052W - Standard White Desk mounts.

CAPG057B - Black circular mount for Magnifiers with Lights.

CAPG057W - White circular mount for


with Lights.
We can organise for delivery Australia wide.
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Payments can also be made via bank transfer or cheque.
Further information can be obtained on (02) 6162 1950
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* Variety of Desk top, Bench, LED and Fluorescent Magnifiers and Floor models available.
* Items are available to be examined at our Canberra store.

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